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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Rules and Regulations Icon_minitimeMon Aug 22, 2011 4:00 am

~Rules are Rules~

First of all, welcome to Fairy Tail: A New Age, this will give you a good idea of what we "The Staff" expect from you while you are here both in character and out of character, this will give you a good look at some of the mind sets we encourage as well as a few things we are willing to over look in given cases.

Out of character

  • Respect is something that is important no matter what the occasion whether it is Staff to Staff, Staff to Member or any other from of peer to peer circumstances, you don't have to exactly be friends with each other, I can understand when you don't like someone just because of certain reasons and we are all entitled to like or dislike who ever we want but at least be civilized in public chats and even private chats, if you have a problem with one of the members and it is a legitimate complaint, PM a member of staff and we will handle it to the best of our abilities but remember, we will be hearing both sides of the story and action will not be taken until both sides have been heard so don't just to telling on someone for every little thing they do our you'll end up like the boy who cried wolf >.>

  • Spamming, its childish and uncalled for... If you feel the need to just endlessly spout random things please take a little visit down to the "free chat" section in the OOC Area, there you can find many forum games, questions, polls and all sorts of other things that you may feel free to comment on or start your own topic if you want, hell if you want you could start a topic in there about nothing as long as you keep it in the "free chat" section and out of the way of the In Character (IC) area's where people actually want to get some role playing done.

  • Corruption, if you feel like you are getting unfair treatment from a Mod or an Admin or any member of staff for that matter because they don't (or you think they don't) like you, because of something you said, because of something you may have done OOC or IC, doesn't matter. If you feel this way please contact the Head Admin or any member of staff you feel safe bringing the issue up with, they will evaluate it and bring this to the Head Admin (me ^_^) and I will do whatever I can that is in my power to solve this problem, warning will be handed out as they are seen fit.

  • Double posting, this really shouldn't be a problem, for some of you this isnt your first forum so you know this by now. You are not allowed to double post on topic to get your post count up or for any reason, the only place you are able to double post is in the OOC section or when bumping a topic.

In Character
  • In order to begin role playing here you must have your character accepted, it is not require to have magic or any sort of weapons or guild affiliation before role playing but your character must be accepted or you posts will be deleted until you are accept, you are able to post in the OOC sections without being accepted however.

  • Killing other players is allowed but the topic must be properly marked with some indication that death is allowed [Death] [Killing] [Death Match] and other tags that are similar or relate to the previous ones are also acceptable as long as it is very clear that you have a possibility of dying, if you feel you have been cheated in the fight you can have it reviewed and if we do find foul play the topic will become void and your character will still be alive.

  • Multiple characters, here at Fairy Tail: A New Age we like our members to keep up with their characters and put a good amount of thought into them as well so when making your character take everything into careful consideration because you are not allowed to make another one until your most recent character has reached a 75 posts or more, posts in the OOC area count as well as posts in the IC area's so just remember that if you don't like your character or they die before you reach 75 posts you will still be held responsible for getting the 75 posts before making a character. Also for every character you have you must make an alternate account so you are not allowed to post with more than one of your characters on one account.

  • You are allowed to join as many topics as you think you can keep up with, you don't wanna be that guy that joins 10 different topics but you are lazy and you cant keep up with them and then you end up making people have to wait on you to post then you end up dropping out of the topic entirely because you don't have time for it. Yes you have freedom to be in as many topics as you wish but remember to not abuse this fact, this also goes along the lines of respecting others because you have split yourself between to many different things at once you don't have time for certain people.

  • Posting length, I hate to be a stickler but one liners will not be accepted, 0% tolerance. If you give your post a seconds though you can come up with more than one line I know your better than that, some tips to help you out if your one of those rp'ers who do what they can and your only cracking out 1 lines, its fine were here to help you out to become better. Try describing some surroundings or things your characters hears, sees or even thinks, don't forget to add actions and dialogue also, that should easily be able to boost your posting up above one line. Also for those of you who are fantastic rp'ers please help out those who are lacking in what your are gifted and even encourage them to join a topic with you possibly give them a few pointers, I don't like to see people who are wonderful posters putting up several paragraphs and someone can only do half of what they do so they get mad, calmly let them know it would be nice to see longer replies and help them out like ive said...thanks :3

  • Respect posting orders people, when in open topics or topics with more than two people its always wise to set up an order in which each person should post so things don't get crazy, if you don't want a posting order and you wish to have free range over posting im okay with that im not going to stop you but if the majority wishes to have a posting order and it becomes a problem ill have to ask you to comply. Also keep in mind that with posting orders there is also rules that go along with it, its someone hasn't posted for a whole 24 hours and you are still waiting on them you are free to post but once you reach their cycle again you must give them 24 hours, you never know...sometimes people get busy IRL.

  • God Modding isn't allowed, no matter how powerful a mage you are there is no way you can go through an entire battle with someone and not receive a single scratch its just very unlikely, its at least common courtesy to let someone hit you at least once even if it doesn't do much damage its not cool to make someone feel totally worthless so please make sure your not doing things your character isn't capable of, using spells that you have no knowledge of and dodging every single hit.

  • If your character’s plan to get down dirty or brutal, you must immediately mark your topic with [Mature NC-17+] Read at your own discretion. What is NC-17+? In the film industry, it means “No one under 17 admitted.” This also applies here.

  • Lastly, have fun with it people! This is a site for you all to enjoy role playing Fairy Tail and everyone is entitled to their own happiness, we love our member's and we want them to stay as well as bring their friends so don't be one of those people who go around ruining other peoples fun and trying to make them leave its rather rude, I just want you all to play nice ^_^

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Rules and Regulations
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