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PostSubject: Sumina Neiledona   Sumina Neiledona Icon_minitimeSat Sep 03, 2011 7:23 pm

Personal Information
Name: Sumina Neiledona
Nickname: Sumi, Witch Queen
Gender: Female
Visual Age: Maybe around 19-20
Real Age: The blessings of the Psyche grant her control over her age in a minor way- she simply stopped aging at the age of 20. She is Fifty six years old.
Personality: Sumina is somewhat of a colision of personality and motives. She is somewhat cold, but not extremely so, she can be cruel in her means and to those who oppose her; yet she desires nothing more then the betterment of Humanity- she sees herself as something more then them, and when she first joined in with its civilization she saw the need, how lacking they were. Her goal is to plant a seed of Charity, Kindness, and Order throughout the world. a World incapable of these things is truly not a world at all- but might as well be a black void. She also doesn't care for Males in the love or attraction sense. Due in part to how she was raised and knowing she herself had two mothers. This suites her fine, as the powers of Psyche can grant form from ideals between two hosts rather then physical reproduction, as was how she herself was born.
Sumina Neiledona 67845363443
Sumi has ghostly white hair, deep red eyes, and a thinner body with breasts bigger then displayed in the image; being about a low C (not more around A as pic shows)
She dresses the same as shown, and has the red tattoo "01" on her left shoulder.

Social Affiliation
Guild: Witchfire (I intend to make, before my first IC post, it after inviting three more members, unless others would like to join)
Witchfire will be a guild located in Trillium. They're goal is to ruthlessly get they're jobs done, it matters not the consequence to they're own selves. They greatly value Valor, Honor, Charity, Loyalty and general Kindness. They'res is a guild that will make do on they're promises through hell and high water. They always can be seen with another guild mate, when they arrive in the guild they are designated Soul-Linked to a higher ranking member with whom they train to better themselves, both are required to watch each others back. To abandon another member of the Guild is a grave offense and is greatly shunned. But to abandon your Soul Link is to abandon your guild. Your name would be struck from the records and lose guild features. There is still chance for redemption however, Witchfire doesn't believe in Finality. Such individuals would need to prove they're loyalty to the guildmaster as they see fit, as many times as it takes, until the Guildmaster approves.

Character History
Sumina was born from psychic dislocation on the part of her mother, and the female dragon Neiledona- the dragon of the Mind. The glistening purple scaled dragon served as Sumina's mother and mentor from birth. She raised Sumi in her presence, tutoring her in the ways of the Psyche as well as the ways of the world where she could.
And so Sumi grew, away from most social application until the age of twelve, on her twelfth birthday in fact, when her mother disappeared leaving a note;
Fear not my daughter, For I will always be with you. It is time for you to move on. There is no more for me to teach you- The rest you must discover on your own. You must rejoin the humans, learn there ways for I have taught you the little I could. Perhaps you will find your human mother in your journey. Never forget me, and I you. May we meet again after you grow strong with the experience of the world.
Let your memories never grow cold.
Obeying her mother, she traveled to the closest town Neiledona showed her on more then one occasion. When she was there, she found the world to be a cruel place... I need not go into cliche's but She herself grew cruel in return, in order to survive and grow.
It wasn't until she was sixteen she nearly killed a man who sought after her, he taught her not everyone is the same and that humanity is the best example of varied personalities. Lucky for the man, she decided to let him live for this thought to ponder on.
She examined humanity again, from a distance. Watching to test his claim with unbiased eyes. Indeed it was so, People display many emotions and she was unlucky enough to run in with the wrong crowed. She caught the notion that this thing called Kindness and Charity were in desperate need, it seemed to be a dying art.
Over time Sumi grew in name and fame. people gravitated to her in need when they're situation was dire and Sumina did her best to help them- She never charged for her service until her name spread far enough it reached the ears of a Major city's guild. They came after her with an offer to join they're guild and she accepted. Becoming a member of the Nightlight where she may better help humanity's need for those who do good.
Rising through its ranks, she came to the conclusion that if she were to truly effect the world with her desire, she needed to start her own guild. In the years to come, even bringing a long members of Nightlight who respected her greatly, she slowly built up her own Guild- Witchfire.


Love Interest:
Family: Neiledona- Half-mother, Dragon of Psyche.
Half-mother 2, name unknown. Human.
Best Friends/s:

Source: Zak~ Whatever his name may be here. Siegried perhaps.

Additional Notes until I have elsewhere to put them:

Psyche, in this case, is treated as an Element. and Indeed it is.
Psyche is the energy generated by the Presence of an object/creature in reality. Everything has a "Psyche Shadow"- An Echo, or Impression if you will. Few creatures have stronger psyche then others.

Dragon Slayer:
Dragonslayers are known for being capable of consuming they're element. Natsu is seen eating fire, for example. Sumina would be capable of consuming an object's psychic impression, manifesting as a purple-blackish aura being drawn from the source.
When used on a living creature, the subject experiences an extreme sense of Dejavu, extended consumption can cause gaps in the targets memory while the consumption is in progress, it can take a while- but consume enough and they may lose consciousness. push past that, and you may render the victim comatose.
Drained psyche always recovers. Depending on the Intelligence of the victim, a subject drained to the point of becoming comatose can recover anywhere from twelve hours(for highly intelligent creatures) to a several years (For creatures of almost no intelligence, such as... bugs). Note that having a higher intelligence also effects how long it would take to be drained to this point.

Psyche Damage can have similar effect. While fire burns, electricity charges, and ice freezes- Psyche damages on a mental level. Things normally immune to pain may still feel psyche damage, meanwhile someone immune to mental manipulation may feel nothing. Though I assure you, damage is still taken unless they're flat out immune to damage itself. Psyche manifests as a purplish black aura that appears to be a combination of flame and mist. The gathered concentrated psyche is potent enough to inflict damage as normal.
Users of Psyche are often also skilled in Telepathic, Telekinetic, and Necromantic abilities.
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Sumina Neiledona
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